Sunday, 20 February 2011

Street /Food/ Trucks

As many of you probably know L.A has a vibrant street food community. Check this link out:

It makes me wonder why Ottawa does not have, to some end, some sort of fun idea like this. We are one of the most popular tourist destinations during the summer and winter months. Not to mention that we have numerous outdoor activities in the summer and winter that would require mobile food stands (if it does happen it's usually crap). I first thought of this when I was reading an Ottawa Citizen article about the City no longer issuing permits to people for street food activities, and not only were they doing that but not renewing licensees that had expired. It just seems that Ottawa is continually limiting itself in grand new culinary experiences. Many would argue that the market has too many restaurants and the competition wouldn't be fair to them. There would be so many reasons not too, but alas many great things have had strong opposition.

I mean I don't know but it seems like it may be a good idea, and perhaps maybe get the ball rolling on our evolving culinary scene.

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