Thursday, 5 May 2011

Update and Apologies

Hello Everyone,

I am just writing to give you a quick update on my current situation and why my posts have become extremely limited. I have recently become employed at a very good restaurant here in Ottawa, and I will eventually tell I am just going to save that for a later post.

This is what I will say right now. I have moved to a restaurant where the Chef has recently left and the old Sous has taken over. I started on the menu change day and let me say one thing... Where has this kid been hiding?

His mentor is arguably one of the best chefs in Ottawa, however I now think this kid has got some real talent. Simply watching him and conversing with him on his formalization on dishes and rationals leads me to believe that this guy will come out strong in the Ottawa culinary community.

This one dish he has is a chicken breast which has been vacuum sealed in a red wine marinade is served w/ a chicken leg root vegetable terrine, red wine reduction, and goat cheese sauce garnished w/ crispy onions and pressed bacon. This dish is aboslute brilliance the tenderness and flavour of the chicken is to die for, and the terrine is something entirely unique.

The other dish which is entire unique to ottawa is slow braised beef (sometimes being cheeks or chuck) w/ a housemade bbq sauce served w/ a fired polenta cake and our own pickled veg (Cabbage as the base).

So... seriously first one to name the place and you'll win something cool.

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  1. It's Sweetgrass. Do I win a prize?

    See, I told you I'd read your blog!