Sunday, 13 March 2011

GMP 2011

Looks like they have already announced the Gold Medal Plates contestants for 2011.

Matthew Carmichael, Restaurant E18hteen, Social, and SIDEDOOR;
Simon and Ross Fraser, Fraser Café;
Michael Hay, The Courtyard Restaurant;
Caroline Ishii, ZenKitchen;
Patricia Larkin, Black Cat Bistro;
Marc Lepine, Atelier;
Charles Part, Les Fougères, Chelsea, Que;
Michael Radford, Savana Café;
Lili Sullivan, East and Main Bistro, Wellington, Ont. (Prince Edward County);
Steve Wall, Town Gastropub.

For me it seems like it may be a little too early to announce the Ottawa culinary superstars for 2011. It seems as though these guys may be operating on an Oscar like nomination system. One of the main complaints for most people is that you consistently see the same people year after year.  We do indeed have a few returners this year but it seems as thought there are some great chefs going to be competing this year. I am especially exited to see Patricia Larkin, Steve Wall, and Michael Hay competing this year. I have heard extremely great things about these chefs and have had the honour to have met Michael Hay and he seems as though he is an extremely devoted gastronomer. I staged at Sidedoor and the guys over there do indeed have it going on and Carmichael has earned his place.
Many food writers in Ottawa have indeed criticized GMP year after year for some reason or another so hopefully this year they can sort out the details and really highlight Ottawa's potential. Also, it has been noted that the lineup could change from now to November which lets be realistic it will probably happen with the emergence of new restaurants and staff changes.

Hell... should be fun none the less.

Stay tuned for a recipe for beef heart stew.

Cheers, and keep on eating (Cobra *hint*)

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