Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thinking about joing our gang?

Food, cooking, and culinary expression has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. Some contributing factors being the rise of the celebrity chef and the expansion of the food network and travel channels. This of course has now sparked a renewed passion in food, ingredients, and techniques by many home cooks.That with the combination of shows about opening restaurants, making over restaurants, and life in restaurants it seems as though many people now wish to become chefs. There are 4 main problems with this fantasy.

1. Cooking is an extremely labour intensive job: I know many other authors and people have said this but it has to be reinforced. I am 21 years old and I have worked cramped and busy lines and let me tell you between the dehydration, burns, and general pains there is not much time to breathe. So unless you are physically able to put your body through this stress don't do it.

2. Many don't realize you have to become a cook first: Let me tell you how my adventure went dishwasher-prepcook-dessert cook-garde manger-assistant chef-sous chef-head chef *very briefly*. That took me approximately seven years, and hell I'm still probably another seven from being where I need to be.I am just trying to reinforce that unless you win the lottery or have some unnatural god given talent that heading a restaurant problem won't happen for at least 5-8 years.

3. Do you remember college/university: Do you remember all those super late nights that you spent cramming for a final/midterm/paper. Do you remember how much you hated it and couldn't wait to go out drinking with your friends. Well if you want to be a chef you better welcome yourself back into that life. Many of us have bookshelves of cookbooks like you had Plato or Neitzhcshe. Ever read Escoffier front to back in search of an ounce of imspiration. Do you have more issues of Food Arts and Savuer magazine then you have of GQ, Maxime, Playboy, Vogue, or Cosmo. I am trying to make a point: That becoming a chef/wanting to become a chef takes a great deal of research, hardwork, and time sitting at a table with books.

4.Is it all you think about: I am serious it has to be all you think about, it has to get you excited, and most of all you need to be in love with your dream.
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