Thursday, 24 March 2011

Music and Food

I thought I would do a post between the relationship between cooks and music. Often times you see chefs/cooks with unique and eclectic tastes in music, in which I find usually represents a correlation in the quality of food. I have had this thought in my mind for months after reading in numerous chef memoirs and interviews about their connection with food. I truly believe you can distinguish a chef's food or personality towards food in their music. Bourdain loves rock, Ripert loves techno, and many others have specific tastes in music. However, most great chefs will never cite top 40 as their passion. I am currently on a reggae trip and loving all aspects of the music. I can see correlation between my mentality on food and industry in music. I kinda like the harmonious yet hard-hitting rhythms of the Caribbean, and can relate that to my harmonious but bold flavoured food. I can also make the argument that chefs ( well the greats anyways ) are simply eclectic people whether they have the quiet temperament of Keller or craziness and focus of David Chang. We are simply not normally people and I can see that reflected in our choices in music. I am not trying to compare myself with these greats but rather our comparison in our just general offness.

Here are some beats I love.

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